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Pinkerton's National Detective Agency History Sources

I consider the below list to be a good starting point for anyone wishing to read about or research the history of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency or Allen Pinkerton.


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Most of the following links are to first editions:

Pinkerton, William A. and Robert A. Pinkerton, Timothy Webster: Spy of the Rebellion. 
Chicago: Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, 1906.

Rowan, Richard Wilmer, The Pinkertons: A Detective Dynasty.  Boston: Little, Brown, and
Company, 1931.


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2 (June 1988).

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Unpublished Documents

Allan Pinkerton Letters to Joseph Beale, 1882-83, Author’s Collection.

Allan Pinkerton Papers, Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Illinois.

Herndon-Weik Collection of Lincolniana, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California. 
Lewis, Pryce, and David E. Cronin, Memoirs of Pryce Lewis as Told to Major David E. Cronin
in 1888, Pryce Lewis Collection, St. Lawrence University Archives, Owen D. Young Library.

Record’s of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.


A. G. Becker, Incorporated, History of, http://www.agbecker.us/RKSwift.php