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Murder on the White Sands Information


Published by the University of North Texas Press, 2007

Hardcover; Paperback and ebook published in 2008

Pages: 244

Illustrations/maps: 33

Includes index and notes


Table of Contents

List of Illustrations and Maps



1. Albert Jennings Fountain

2. Enter Albert B. Fall and Other Men of Note

3. The Disappearance

4. Pat Garrett Summoned

5. Bring in the Pinkertons

6. Assistance from Fall

7. Decision in the Sheriff’s Contest

8. Exit John Fraser

9. William B. Sayers

10. Ed Brown

11. Indictments

12. Shootout at Wildy Well

13. The Trial

14. Jack Maxwell Testifies

15. Garrett Takes the Stand

16. The Prosecution Closes

17. The Defense and Rebuttal

18. Closing Arguments and the Verdict

19. In Conclusion

20. Epilogues





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