2-28-2018: The article “The Spy Who Never Was: Ex-slave turned Pinkerton Agent John Scobell; an Investigation” has been published in The Tombstone Epitaph in the March, 2018 edition.


1-25-2018: The article “The Myth of Ex-Slave Turned Civil War Spy John Scobell” has been posted here:


11-20-2017: The article “5 Historical Photos That Don't Actually Depict The Famous People They Claim” has been published here:


2-25-2017: Death of a Kootch Show Girl has been published by Black Opal Books.


7-19-2014: Book Discussion on A Spy for the Union appeared on C-SPAN 3. Video is available here:


4-1-2014: Article “Timothy Webster: The Pinkerton Detective and the Civil War Spy” by Corey Recko published by


9-25-2013: Article “The First Plot to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln, and How the Pinkertons Protected the President-elect” by Corey Recko posted on


9-11-2013: A Spy for the Union: The Life and Execution of Timothy Webster is now available for purchase.


10-15-2012: Corey Recko signs a contract with McFarland & Company to publish his next book, a biography of Pinkerton detective and Civil War spy Timothy Webster.


4-18-2009: Corey Recko's article, “Samuel B. Axtell and the Colfax County War: Axtell’s ‘Dear Ben’ Letter” is in the April, 2009 Wild West History Association Journal.


1-11-2009: Corey Recko interview:


7-19-2008: Corey Recko was the recipient of the Wild West History Association's 2008 Best Book on Wild West History award for Murder on the White Sands: The Disappearance of Albert Fountain. Photographs from the WWHA Roundup are at


7-19-2008: Corey Recko presented the speech “Samuel B. Axtell and the Colfax County War: Axtell's ‘Dear Ben’ Letter” and the Wild West History Association Roundup in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


7-19-2008: Murder on the White Sands: The Disappearance of Albert and Henry Fountain is now available in paperback.


5-1-2008: Corey Recko's article, “The Life of Pinkerton Operative John C. Fraser” is in the April, 2008 Wild West History Association Journal.


I have two pieces of recent past news I'd like to report:

1) I have written a biography of Pinkerton operative John C. Fraser that is in the April, 2008 issue of Wild West Magazine.

2) Hardcover copies of Murder on the White Sands are nearly sold out.  A paperback edition will be published by the University of North Texas Press in July, 2008.



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