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       John Conklin Fraser was born to Scottish parents in Chicago, Illinois, on March 31, 1860.  After working variously as a clerk, a plumber, and a printer, Fraser was hired by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency on June 28, 1880.  He began working from the Chicago office, but eventually moved west to the Denver office.  The married detective's employment records describe him as 5'9", with a slight build and a dark complexion.

       Fraser was sent to investigate the Fountain disappearance in March, 1896.  He made extensive reports on his findings.

       After working on the Fountain investigation, John Fraser continued to advance in the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.  He moved west to San Francisco in 1906 and became manager of the Pacific Division.  He spent much time in San Francisco and Los Angeles before finally settling in Los Angeles.  He retired in 1933.  Fraser, whose first marriage had ended in divorce, left early the next year on a tour of the world with his second wife, Adeline.  John Fraser died on July 25, 1938.


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