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W. H. H. Llewellyn

       William Henry Harrison Llewellyn was born on September 9, 1851, in Monroe, Green County, Wisconsin. Llewellyn attended public schools and then Tabor College. He moved to Montana to mine gold at Trinity Gulch, where he spent eight years, but did not find his fortune. He movd to Nebraska and worked a few jobs before being appointed a special agent in the Justice Department by President Hayes. Llewellyn relocated to New Mexico Territory in 1881, arriving on June 16 at the Mescalero Apache Reservation where he had been appointed Indian agent. Working to improve the conditions of the reservation, he won the respect of the Mescaleros, who referred to him as "Tata Crooked Nose." He moved to Las Cruces in 1885 and began to practice law. Later he served as district attorney of Dona Ana County. Llewellyn was a large man, standing over six feet tall and weighing considerably over two hundred pounds.

       Llewellyn, who was a friend of Fountain and his family, helped lead the inital search for the Fountains and aided Pinkerton operative J. C. Fraser in numerous ways. Between the investigation and trial of the Fountains' alleged murderers, Llewellyn fought in the Spanish-Amerian War as a part of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders.

       W. H. H. Llewellyn was appointed to the office of United States District Attorney in 1901 by his friend, President Roosevelt. Llewellyn fought vigorously for New Mexico's statehood, took part in the constitutional convention in 1910, and in 1911 became a member of New Mexico's first legislature after it became a state. Llewellyn died on June 11, 1927.


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