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       Oliver Milton Lee was born in Burnet County, Texas, on October 31, 1865.  Growing up on a ranch, he was a natural with horses.  He was known to be good looking and charming.  Historian C. L. Sonnichsen described Lee like this: “He had one great urge—he wanted to get ahead.  He had one great talent—he was a natural shot.” Lee was a Las Cruces deputy sheriff when he became a suspect in the Fountains’ disappearance.

       Following the Fountain case, Oliver Lee kept busy with ranching and politics.  Over the next forty years he became a very prominent cattleman.  Lee, a Democrat, switched to the Republican Party and went on to serve as the Republican county chairman and split time between the State Legislature and Senate.  While in the legislature and senate, it was said that Lee always kept a loaded .45 under his coat, a claim his family denies.  Oliver Lee died on December 15th, 1941, in Alamogordo.


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